Her Kind of Man (1946): De Cordova’s Crime Film Noir, starring Dane Clark, Janis Paige and Zachary Scott

Frederick De Cordova directed Her Kind of Man a crime film noir, starring Dane Clark, Janis Paige and Zachary Scott.

Her Kind of Man
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Theatrical release poster

Janis Page plays nightclub singer Georgia King, who has been dating gambler Steve Maddux (Zachary Scott).

After another gambler, Felix Bender, ends up dead after a dispute between them, Steve goes to Miami, welcomed by club owner Joe Marino and wife Ruby. Steve agrees to work for Joe after losing $50,000 in a crooked card game.

Meanwhile, newspaper columnist Don Corwin and cop Bill Fellows, begin looking into Bender’s death. Don falls for Georgia, even though he knows she’s been keeping company with a criminal.

After an encounter between Don and Steve, a thug named Candy beats up Don, which sends him to the hospital.

In the fatally tragic ending–this is noir after all, Steve causes Ruby to be killed by mistake, and he and Joe end up shooting one another.

This film is not to be confused with the 1951 His Kind of Woman, starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell.

The gun fights, slugging matches and gambling sessions are well executed, but the tale itself is a B-level noir.

Dane Clark as Don Corwin
Janis Paige as Georgia King
Zachary Scott as Steve Maddux
Faye Emerson as Ruby Marino
George Tobias as Joe Marino
Howard Smith as Bill Fellows
Harry Lewis as Candy
Sheldon Leonard as Felix Bender


Directed by Frederick De Cordova
Produced by Alex Gottlieb
Screenplay by Leopold Atlas and Gordon Kahn, story by Charles Hoffman and
James V. Kern
Music by Franz Waxman
Cinematography Carl E. Guthrie
Edited by Dick Richards


Production and distribution: Warner Bros.

Release date: May 3, 1946 (New York)

Running time: 80 minutes