Heiresses, The: Paraguay’s Entry in the Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar

Marcelo Martinessi’s acclaimed debut feature The Heiresses (Las herederas) is Paraguay’s official submission in the 2018 foreign-language film Oscar.

Winner of numerous international awards, including two Silver Bears at the 2018 Berlin Film Fest, The Heiresses opens March 8, 2019 at Laemmle’s Royal in Los Angeles.

A vividly fascinating commentary on social class in Paraguayan society, The Heiresses follows the stories of Chela and Chiquita.  As descendants of wealthy families in Asunción, they have been together for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, recently their socio-economic status has worsened, forcing them to sell off their inherited possessions.  Their debts  lead to Chiquita being imprisoned on fraud charges, leaving Chela to face a new reality.

Driving for the first time in years, she begins to provide a local taxi service elderly wealthy ladies.  Settling into her new life, Cela encounters the much younger Angy, and a fresh new bond is forged between them.  Chela, breaking out of her shell, begins to engage with the real world, embarking on her own personal revolution.

Featuring outstanding performances (Ana Brun as Chela won the Best Actress prize in Berlin), The Heiresses, a sharply observed intimate character study,puts Paraguay on the international cinematic map, and announces Martinessi as a talent to watch.