Hava, Maryam, Ayesha: Afghan Movie by Woman Director Sahraa Karimi

Venice Fest 2019 Orizzonti: Afghan feature movie Hava, Maryam, Ayesha, the first independent movie entirely shot with local Afghan crew and cast – premieres today on the Lido.

Directed by first-time female Afghan director Sahraa Karimi, Hava, Maryam, Ayesha is the story of three Afghan women from different social backgrounds, living in Kabul, who are facing big challenges in their lives. Hava, a traditional pregnant woman whom no one cares about, is living with her father and mother in law. Her only joy is talking to the baby in her belly.

Maryam, an educated TV news reporter, is about to get a divorce from her unfaithful husband, when she finds out she is pregnant. Ayesha, an 18-year old girl accepts to marry her cousin because she is pregnant from her boyfriend who disappears after hearing the news. Each of them has to solve her problem by herself for the first time.

The film is produced by female producer and sales agent Katayoon Shahabi from Noori.

Karimi said: “We would like to thank Venice chief Alberto Barbera and the Venice festival for inviting my movie and giving me a platform to bring attention to the issues my country is facing – in particular, the need to guarantee fundamental women’s rights in Afghanistan. Gender equality enables a country to gain prosperity and is fundamental for global peace.”