Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: Visual Style and Mood

“It’s become a pretty grim place, more like a prison than a school of magic,” says Yates, who adds that he and cinematographer Eduardo Serra applied a distinct shooting style in order to set the tone. “We incorporated a specific palette of colors: blues and cooler tones that were muted. These developed into warmer and more operatic yellows and reds—the color of fire, the color of blood… There are sections of Part 2 that I wanted to feel like a war movie on an epic scale.”

Guided by Neville through a hidden tunnel, Harry, Hermione and Ron arrive at Hogwarts, where they are met with an eruption of joy and relief by many of their old friends, including Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch), Cho Chang (Katie Leung), Seamus Finnigan (Devon Murray) and Dean Thomas (Alfie Enoch). There is also a sense of hope that Harry’s homecoming signals the start of a new rebellion for Dumbledore’s Army. “His very presence inspires them,” Barron states. “It gives them confidence that they are not alone.”

For the time being, Harry needs their help to piece together the clues to the whereabouts of a Horcrux, which he knows has something to do with Rowena Ravenclaw. Luna and Cho, both Ravenclaws, surmise that it could be Rowena’s lost diadem, which they define as a kind of tiara…and which no one alive has ever seen. Before Harry can act on the information, Ginny Weasley rushes in and, checking her own elation at seeing Harry, tells them that Harry has been spotted and Snape knows.

Bonnie Wright reprises the role of Ginny, whose relationship with Harry Potter has grown from a schoolgirl crush to a full-fledged romance. “In that instant they are reunited and the bond between them is obvious, but there is no time for them to connect because everything is moving so fast,” she notes. “And Ginny understands he has greater responsibilities, which is part of what drew Harry to her. She doesn’t see him as ‘the Chosen One’; she sees him as Harry. I loved taking Ginny from a very shy little girl to this confident young woman.”