Gutsy: Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton’s Docu about Pioneering Women Artists, Activists, Leaders

Hillary Clinton Discusses “Engaging and Curious” Queen Elizabeth II

The former first lady was joined by daughter Chelsea for a discussion of their docuseries Gutsy, which debuted Sep 9  AppleTV+.


The conversation’s moderator Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the wife of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, immediately brought up Queen Elizabeth II, who died Sep 8 at the age of 96.

“I did have the pleasure and privilege of meeting her several times,” said Clinton of the late monarch, whom she described as “engaging and curious,” before adding, “She wanted to know about you. She rarely expressed her own opinions — it was not a part of her queenly duties — but was very quick to inquire about what you were thinking.”

Sidney Poitier
Trudeau asked Hillary what question she would have asked the queen if she had the opportunity.

“I would ask her, ‘Where did you find the continuing resilience?’” said the elder Clinton. “The three of us know when you are in the public eye it is exhausting.”

Some of the women who were featured in Gutsy include Megan Thee Stallion, Kim Kardashian, Wanda Sykes and Gloria Steinem, as well as many “unsung heroes” according to the series’ description.

In the conversation, the Clintons touched on topics that included the state of American politics, climate change, book banning and motherhood. A subject that the elder Clinton got particularly passionate about was how technology is affecting young people.

“We are conducting a massive experiment on our children with technology,” she said. “I think the tech companies are failing our kids. I think adults are failing our kids.” Clinton added: “I am always struck that the titans of Silicon Valley do not let their own children have screen time. These are the people that have created the algorithms that have captured our kids’ minds.”

Chelsea prompted her mom to talk about forest bathing, which is featured in Gutsy and is the practice that started in Japan and involves using nature for psychological and physiological benefits.

“After the catastrophe of the 2016 election the next day I went out into the woods to go walking,” said Clinton of her presidential race against Donald Trump.

Once Clinton finished the anecdote someone from the audience yelled to the stage, “We’re still proud of you, Hillary!” Clinton responded, “Thanks, I am too.”