Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Characters–DAVE BAUTISTA


Having taken his revenge on Ronan for the death of his family, the taciturn warrior Drax is now a stalwart member of the Guardians.

While Drax’s friendship is never in doubt, his literalminded nature can make him a less-than-ideal teammate.  Drax still has a lot of learning to do, even as the desire for more vengeance burns within him yet.

Dave Bautista is back as the physically intimidating, tattoo-covered Drax.  Drax is a complex character who is as menacing as he is lovable and is blissfully unaware of his extreme literal nature in perceiving the world around him.  “I think that we know very clearly that Drax is not very good at picking up on social cues,” reminds Gunn. “He doesn’t quite understand what everyone around him is talking about all the time. He finds amusement in things that he should not find amusement in. But I think at the beginning of the movie, in a lot of ways, Drax is the happiest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He finds everything funny but he can be a little bit mean-spirited.”

Bautista explains where we find Drax now and what to expect from him this time around. “We pick up not too long after where the last movie left off, says the actor. “So it’s not too far in the future. But in this one you definitely get to know Drax a little bit more. He’s more visible in this film and has a lot more of the witty dialogue.

He adds, “It’s so great because Drax is the vehicle for James Gunn’s twisted, witty sense of humor. I love when I’m shooting and delivering stuff that I can hear James off in the distance laughing because I know that it is what he wanted. That it is what he was expecting out of the dialogue that he wrote. That in itself makes me feel really good because I love giving him what he wants.”

In the film, Drax develops a friendship with a new character, Mantis, played by Pom Klementieff.  “It’s hard to think that Drax would have some innocence to him but he really does,

and it comes out in this film,” Bautista relates. “That’s in the connection he has with Mantis. There’s a lot of innocence in both characters. They’re almost like two kids who find each other and become playmates. They just connect on a certain level that they can’t connect with anybody else. They’re both suffering from some pain and learning new things and new feelings, new experiences. They’re going through that together and that’s where the connection is.”

According to Bautista, there is much to like about his character. “What I really love about Drax is he’s not what you’d expect from reading the comics,” says Bautista. “Everybody was expecting one thing, and we gave them another. It makes it more interesting. It’s easy just to be the big guy who’s always growling at people and intimidating people. We’ve seen it a million times. But when you get the same guy who looks the same way but just says the most ridiculous things that make you laugh, it makes him more interesting. And he’s also got that side to him that’s just all heart. He’s still heartbroken over the loss of his family. And I love that dynamic, man. I love playing with that. It’s challenging. It makes it’s interesting. It makes the character loveable and it makes people connect to him.”