Ground Beneath My Feet, The (2019): Critical Look at the Life and Pressures of Successful Businesswoman

The Ground Beneath My Feet, an in-depth character study, takes a sobering look at an ambitious businesswoman whose life is slowly falling apart due to various pressures from family, love life and career.

Lola (Valerie Pachner, left) and her schizophrenic sister Conny (Pia Hierzegger) in “The Ground Beneath My Feet.” Photo: Strand Releasing

The movie is an indictment of our increasingly impersonal life fabric, a stark reminder of what many women face in the workplace.

The protagonist, Lola (Valerie Pachner), is  a beautiful, elegantly dressed consultant, employed at a ruthless consulting firm that does not tolerate any any weakness.

However, underneath her calm exterior are threats of panic attack.  For starters, she has to deal with her schizophrenic sister Conny (Pia Hierzegger), whose existence Lola tries to hide, even from her boss and lover Elise (Mavie Hörbiger).

Lola’s life is based on self-control, whether she’s working out, climbing the corporate ladder or even making love.

On the surface, Lola appears to be a woman who has it all, but there are limits to her efforts to maintain control.  She is surrounded by insensitive males who make her life even harder than it is.

She spends her time in the hospital psych ward, the boardroom, and the bedroom, where the love scenes are as chilly as the ambience of the other spaces.

Writer-director Marie Kreutzer keeps a firm grasp on these proceedings, though ultimately, there is more attention to Lola’s workplace than to her troubled and complicated relationships with Conny and Elise.