Green Dolphin Street (1947): Victor Saville’s Romantic Melodrama Starring Lana Turner

A lavish costume drama, Victor Saville’s Green Dolphin Street is set in 1840, on an island off the coast of Newfoundland.

Grade: C+ (**1/2 out of *****)

Green Dolphin Street
Green Dolphin Street.jpg

The big-budgeted melodrama, based on the bestseller by Elizabeth Goudge, tells the story of two sisters, blonde Marguerite Patourel (Donna Reed) and brunette Marianne Patourel (Lana Turner), daughters of the wealthy Octavius Patourel (Edmund Gwenn), who meet and fall for New Zealander William Ozone (Richard Hart).

To get William away from her sister, the conniving Marianne encourages him to enlist in H.R.H.’s Navy, whereby he’ll be shipped off to China. But William misses the boat and becomes a fugitive.

Later, he and friend Timothy Haslam (Van Heflin) go to New Zealand, where they found a lumber business. One night the drunken William writes to the sister he loves, proposing marriage, but he uses the other sister’s name by mistake.

Marianne, believing he meant to write to her, decides to set off for New Zealand. Meanwhile, Timothy secretly pines for Marguerite.

Oscar Nminations: 4

Special Effects: A. Arnold Gillespie, Warren Newcomber, visual; Douglas Shearer, Michael Steinore, audible.

Cinematography (b/w): George Folsey

Sound Recording: Douglas Shearer

Film Editing: George White


Oscar Awards: 1

Special Effects


Directed by Victor Saville
Produced by Carey Wilson
Written by Samson Raphaelson, Carey Wilson, based on Green Dolphin Street
1944 novel by Elizabeth Goudge
Music by Bronislaw Kaper
Cinematography George J. Folsey
Edited by George White
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Release date: November 5, 1947

Running time: 142 minutes
Budget $4.4

Box office $7.2