Grand Depart: French Nicolas Mercier’s Coming of Age Tale

As directed by Nicolas Mercier, Grand Depart is tender coming of age story of two brothers thrown into turmoil by their father’s declining health.

The film centers on a young man looking to his future, while struggling with his past. Between his domineering brother Luc (Jérémie Elkaïm) and his incorrigible father (Eddy Mitchell), Romain (Pio Marmaï) finds that he can’t go on being the boy who does what is expected of him.

Romain is not a boy anymore: Approaching 30, he must face his family as an adult, not fully realizing that in the process, he will learn more about himself than he had ever imagined.


Directed by: Nicolas Mercier

Starring: Pio Marmaï, Jérémie Elkaïm, and Eddy Mitchell