Good Liar, The: Condon’s Drama, Starring Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren, November 15, 2019

Warner has dated The Good Liar, a drama starring two great actors, Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren, for November 15, 2019, at the height of next year’s awards season.

Bill Condon directs the story about career con artist Roy Courtnay (McKellen) in an adaptation of a novel by Nicholas Searle. Courtnay meets a wealthy widow named Betty (Mirren) online and moves into her home with the intent to swindle her. Though she’s an easy mark, he gradually begins to care for her.

McKellen’s character in the book has been compared to Patricia Highsmith’s “The Incredible Mr. Ripley,” which has appeared in several movies, both French and American.
Jeffrey Hatcher, who also wrote Condon’s “Mr. Holmes” starring McKellen as the aging detective, wrote the script based on Searle’s book, which was published in 2015.