God Is My Co-Pilot (1945): Dennis Morgan as Colonel Robert Lee Scott

Robert Florey’s screen adaptation of the best-selling book by Colonel Robert Lee Scott re-creates the story of the 34-year-old Georgia flyer, who refused to accept the Army’s dictum that he was too old for aerial warfare.

As a result of his fight, he became a hero with General Claire Chenault’s “Flying Tigers.”

After participating in the bombing of Hong Kong, Scott was forced down in enemy territory. Nonetheless, he managed to survive and to return to teach other Army airmen what he had learned during his ordeal in China.

Dennis Morgan played Col. Scott with sincerity, but the religious undertones and fake spirituality somehow detracts from the picture’s overall impact and credibility.



Dennis Morgan

Dane Clark

Raymond Massey

Alan Hale

Andrea King

John Ridgely

Stanley Ridges

Craig Stevens

Warren Douglas

Stephen Richards

Charles Smith

Minor Watson

Richard Loo



Released March 23, 1945

Warner Bros.

Produced by Robert Buckner.

Directed by Robert Florey.

Screenplay by Peter Milne.

Based on the book by Col. Robert L. Scott.