Frenzy: Hitchcock’s Cameo and Entire Cast

Hitchcock’s Cameo

n27yx6hfqn7Hitchcock’s famous cameo is in the very first scene of the film (about 3 minutes into the story), showing him wearing a bowler hat in the middle of a crowd in front of London’s River Thames, listening cynically to the politician’s phony speech.



Teaser trailer show a Hitchcock-like dummy floating in the River Thames, and Hitchcock introducing the audience to Covent Garden via the fourth wall.


Jon Finch as Richard Ian “Dick” Blaney

Alec McCowen as Chief Inspector Oxford

Barry Foster as Robert “Bob” Rusk

Billie Whitelaw as Hetty Porter

Anna Massey as Barbara Jane “Babs” Milligan

Barbara Leigh-Hunt as Brenda Margaret Blaney

Bernard  Cribbins as Felix Forsythe

Clive Swift as Johnny Porter

Madge Ryan as Mrs. Davison

Elsie Randolph as Gladys

Gerald Sim as solicitor in pub

John Boxer as Sir George

George Tovey as Neville Salt

Jimmy Gardner as hotel porter

Noel Johnson as doctor in pub

Rita Webb as Mrs. Rusk