Foxfire (1955): Peveny’s Romantic Western, Starring Jane Russell and Jeff Chandler

Joseph Pevney directed Foxfire, a Western melodrama, starring Jane Russell and Jeff Chandler, loosely based on a best-selling 1951 novel by Anya Seton.


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After her car breaks down in the Arizona desert, New York socialite Amanda Lawrence accepts a ride from Jonathan Dartland, a mining engineer, and his friend Hugh Slater, a doctor with drinking problem.

Invited to a party hosted by her wealthy mother at the resort, “Dart” claims to dislike mothers of spoiled beautiful daughters, but he and Amanda fall in love and quickly marry.

Amanda’s mother is not pleased to hear that Dart’s mother is an Apache Indian princess, once married to a Boston college professor, who has taken back her Apache name and never sees her son.

It was the last American film to be shot in three-strip Technicolor.

TCM, April 27, 2020


Jane Russell as Amanda Lawrence
Jeff Chandler as Jonathan Dartland
Dan Duryea as Hugh Slater
Mara Corday as Maria – Hugh’s Nurse
Barton MacLane as Jim Mablett
Frieda Inescort as Mrs. Lawrence
Celia Lovsky as Princess Saba


Directed by Joseph Pevney
Produced by Aaron Rosenberg
Screenplay by Ketti Frings, based on the 1951 novel by Anya Seton
Music by Frank Skinner
Cinematography: William H. Daniels
Edited by Ted J. Kent
Production company: Universal