Four Days in November (1964): Mel Stuart’s Oscar Nominated Documentary of Kennedy’s Assassination

Mel Stuart’s Four Days in November, one of the first to chronicle the traumatic November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar in 1964.

The film includes Dallas radio and television coverage of:

  • The President’s arrival at Love Field
  • Progression of the motorcade
  • First local bulletin of shooting
  • Reports at Parkland Hospital
  • Official announcement of President’s death from Malcolm Kilduff

Amateur films and photos include:

  • Scenes along the motorcade route
  • Orville Nix’s films of the motorcade entering Dealey Plaza, the fatal head shot followed by Secret Service Agent Clint Hill climbing on top of the  limousine and the post-shooting confusion at the Plaza
  • Mary Moorman’s photo taken a second after the fatal shot
  • Bob Jackson’s photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald at the Dallas City Jail