Forty Guns (1957): Samuel Fueller Directs Stanwyck in Western

Samuel Fuller wrote and directed Forty Guns, a thematically Freudian, visually interesting western.

The tale stars Barbara Stanwyck as Jessica Dummond, a tough landowner, who runs Cochise County, Arizona, dominating all around her, including the weak sheriff Ned Logan (Dean Jagger).

Things change, when Griff Bonnell (Barry Sullivan), a gunfighter turned United States Marshall, arrives with his brothers Wes (Gene Barry) and Chico (Robert Dix) to restore law and order in the region.

Griff soon tangles with Drummond’s brother Brockie (John Ericson), though Jessica is attracted to the new lawman.  For his part, Griff falls for female gunsmith Louvenia Spangler (Eve Brent).

Griff and Louvenia marry, but on their wedding day, Brockie murders Wes, and Griff finds himself in a dilemma of whether to break his vow of non-violence and restore justice.

Running time: 80 minutes

DVD: May 24, 2005