For Men Only (1952): Paul (“Casablanca”) Henreid’s Drama about Hazing on College

Paul Henreid produced, directed and starred in For Men Only, a drama about the social problem of hazing on college campuses.

It was also known as The Tall Lie.  Originally, he wanted to call the film Hell Night but the distributors came up with For Men Only.

Margaret Field (Sally’s mother) plays his screen wife, and Vera Miles makes her screen debut in this picture.

Henreid had directed theatre before, but this was his first film.  Earlier, he had produced two films, Hollow Triumph and So Young, So Bad.

Paul Henreid set up the project with Edward Nassour with a new company, HN Productions.  In March 1951 they arranged finance through Robert L. Lippert, who asked to be secretive about the subject matter, describing it as “topical and controversial.” Henreid kept the topic secret out of a fear of competition, namely that other producers would beat him and make a movie about this “hot” subject.

Made on a low budget, this modest film took 16 days to make, though the whole process (especially funding took over a year.

Henreid credited this movie with launching his directing career

Paul Henreid as Dr. Stephen Brice
Margaret Field as Julie Brice
James Dobson as Bartholomew “Beanie” Brown
Douglas Kennedy as Colin Mayberry
Robert Carson as Jesse Hopkins
Virginia Mullen as Mrs. Palmer
O. Z. Whitehead as Professor Bixby
Kathleen Hughes as Tracy Norman
Vera Miles as Kathy
Russell Johnson as Ky Walker


Release date: January 11, 1952

Running time: 93 minutes