Finest Hours, The: Disney’s Adventure, Starring Casey Affleck and Chris Pine

Disney expects to take a loss of $75 million on “The Finest Hours,” the ocean rescue film that opened the year as one of the studio’s few flops.

“We also had a miss this quarter,” CEO Bob Iger said at the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet and Telecom Conference. “That will be a negative of about $75 million.”

Although the production cost of the film has not been announced, the film starring Casey Affleck and Chris Pine had substantial CGI work.  It made just over $40 million at the box office worldwide.

Unlike most Disney hits, it was not tied to a superhero or well-known piece of intellectual property. And though it was based on a real-life story that was the most dramatic rescue in the history of the Coast Guard, it was linked to the smallest branch of the U.S. armed services and to an old incident that only few members in the public knew about.