Locke: Thrilling Ride with Riveting Tom Hardy

locke_5_hardyEvery once in a while, a “small” movie comes out, capturing our critical attention like no other, more anticipated film. This is the case of “Locke,” a sporadically brilliant, always intriguing tale, skillfully written and directed by Steven Knight.

The handsome and talented Tom Hardy gets the role of a lifetime in playing the lead, a man named Ivan, who has worked diligently hard to shape a rewarding existence defined by dedication to his job and love for his family.

One evening, Ivan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of horrific events that unravels his family, job, his body and soul. All the events take place over the course of one riveting car ride, which turns the sage into a tense and intense drama.

locke_4_hardy“Locke” is an exploration of how one decision can ricochet in many unanticipated directions, ultimately leading to the decline and collapse of a seemingly stable life.

Expertly directed by Steven Knight (better known as the writer of David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises” and Stephen Frears’ “Dirty Pretty Things”), “Locke” is replete with tension and intensity we associate with claustrophobia.  As helmer, Knight keeps surprising us with a steady series of twists and turns, manifest in complications that Locke thinks he can manage with his competent skills.

Like all suspense thrillers that are confined in time and space, “Locke,” set within the restricted and punitive size of a car, contains it share of contrived occurrences, and is manipulative, but the over dramatic effects justify the means.

locke_3_hardyBut ultimately it’s Hardy’s riveting performance that makes “Locke” the thrilling cinematic event, drawing us with each gesture, move, and shudder into the experience of a man fighting to salvage what’s important to him.





Running time: 85 Minutes.

Directed and written by Steven Knight.