Fearmakers, The (1958): Jacques Tourneur’s Film Noir, Starring Dana Andrews

Director Jacques Tourneur and star Dana Andrews reteamed for the film noir, The Fearmakers, based on the 1945 novel of the same name by Darwin Teilhet.

The film centers on political messages shaped by public-relations firm, which is secretly controlled by communists determined to undermine the U.S. government.

Andrews plays Korean War veteran Alan Eaton, who suffered through brainwashing as a P.O.W. Upon return home, he resumes his job at a public-relation and opinion-research firm in Washington, D.C.

When his partner is killed mysteriously in an accident, he discovers that his company has been taken over by communist infiltrators intent on fixing public opinion polls and promoting communist organizations.

In order to stop them, Eaton must cooperate with the Senate investigation.

Dana Andrews as Alan Eaton
Dick Foran as Jim McGinnis
Marilee Earle as Lorraine Dennis
Veda Ann Borg as Vivian Loder
Kelly Thordsen as Harold ‘Hal’ Loder
Roy Gordon as Sen. Walder
Joel Marston as Rodney Hillyer
Dennis Moore as Army Doctor
Oliver Blake as Dr. Gregory Jessup
Janet Brandt as Walder’s Secretary
Fran Andrade as TWA Stewardess
Mel Tormé as Barney Bond (as Mel Torme)


Directed by Jacques Tourneur
Screenplay by Elliot West, Chris Appley, based on The Fear Makers, 1945 novel by Darwin Teilhet
Produced by Martin H. Lancer
Cinematography Sam Leavitt
Edited by James Whittredge
Music by Irving Gertz
Color process Black and white
Production company: Pacemaker
Distributed by United Artists
Release date: October 1958
Running time 85 minutes