Eyes of Orson Welles: Genius Filmmaker as a Painter

The Eyes of Orsen Welles - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

As the title suggests, the iconoclastic Northern Irish documentarian Mark Cousins has chosen to focus on the way the creative polymath saw things, literally so, not only in his films but in his less known paintings and sketches. Extrapolating, often in inspired ways, from this premise and geographically following in Welles’ footsteps all over the world from Kenosha and Broadway to Agadir and the Aran Islands, Cousins makes an argument for the creative dynamo’s abundant hand-drawn work as an integral part of his creative process, even if Welles never advertised himself publicly as a painter.

Not one to stay in the creative shadows and let his work speak for itself, Cousins boldly positions his almost continuous narration in the form of a long, adulatory,  letter to the late director/writer/actor/magician/political columnist/raconteur/vagabond and all-around man of the world.