Extraction: Sequel to Netflix Biggest Hit, Starring Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Teases Return for ‘Extraction’ Sequel

The actor shared an announcement teaser at Tudum, the online Netflix event.


Chris Hemsworth stopped by Tudum, the online Netflix fan convention held Saturday, to talk up the return of his Extraction protagonist, Tyler.

The sequel to Extraction hails from Sam Hargrave, the stuntman-turned director behind the first installment.

Extraction was a big hit with audiences when it debuted on Netflix April 2020.  It was the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, when it felt like a much-needed jolt in a time when the future of big-budget fair was in flux with tentpoles being delayed left and right.

Extraction was praised for its action sequences,  gave Hemsworth yet another franchise to show off his particular set of skills, and turned Hargrave into an in-demand filmmaker.

Since it was Netflix’s most-watched original film ever, the streamer quickly put the sequel on the fast-track.

A big question at the end of the first Extraction was if Tyler Raker survived. The Australian mercenary seemingly died, but a last-minute reveal put that into question.

The sequel is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo via their AGBO banner, from a script by Joe Russo, who also penned the first installment.

The first Extraction script came after Joe Russo worked on the 2014 graphic novel Ciudad, from which it is based.