Evolution: Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s Evocative and Mysterious Feature

EVOLUTIONLucile Hadzihalilovic’s evocative and mysterious new feature, world premiered at the Toronto Film Fest, marking a welcome return of Hadzihalilovic’s distinct voice, manifest impressively in his previous work, Innocence. 
A young boy living in an isolated seaside clinic uncovers the sinister purposes of his keepers, in this exquisitely shot blend of body horror and surreal fantasy.
Ten-year old Nicolas lives an austere and isolated life with his mother in a remote seaside community.  The place is populated by women and other little boys about his age, but seemingly devoid of adult males.
In a hospital overlooking the tempestuous ocean, the boys are subjected to regular medical treatments, which might involve a mysterious experiment. Only Nicolas seems to question what’s happening to him and his friends.
Soon, he finds an unexpected ally in a young nurse, Stella, whose kindness stands out, considering the severity that all the other women reserve for their young charges.
Increasingly suspicious that his mother and the nurses are lying to him and that something ominous is going on, he follows the women at night, determined to find out their doings.
What he discovers on the beach signals the beginning of a nightmare from which he might be too helpless to escape.
Influenced by H.G. Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau, this mesmerizing mystery approaches the concept of evolution from a unique perspective. 
After playing at the Fantastic Fest and BFI London Film Festival, it won at the San Sebastian Film Fest the “Special Jury Prize” as well as “Best Cinematography,” and at Dublin Film Fest the “Best Director”  kudo.
EVOLUTION will open theatrically in 2016.