Enemy Below, The (1957): Oscar-Winning Submarine Tale, Starring Robert Mitchum

Set in WWII, The Enemy Below is a suspenseful tale of submarine warfare between the Americans and the Germans.

Robert Mitchum plays Murrell, the captain of an American destroyer who, having lost his family in the war, decides to go into in combat.

Noted German actor Curt Jurgens (“The Blue Angel” remake) plays Von Stolberg, the U-boat commander, who’s as decent and honorable gentleman as Mitchum’s Murrell

Despite the politics, the two men develop a peculiar mutual respect as they pursue one another throughout the North Atlantic.

Based on a novel by D. A. Rayner, “The Enemy” was helmed  by Dick Powell; it’s his last movie as a director.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Special Effects: Walter Rossi

Osar Awards: 1

Running time: 98 Minutes.

Written by Wendell Mayes.

Released December 25, 1957.

DVD: May 25, 2004