Dolly Sisters, The (1946): Fictionalized Biopic of Entertainers, Starring Bette Grable Blockbuster of 1945

Directed by Irving Cummings, The Dolly Sisters is a fictionalized biopic of Jennie and Rosie Dolly, Hungarian-born entertainers who took Broadway by storm in the early 1900s.

Betty Grable, then at the height of her popularity, plays Jennie and June Haver plays Rosie. Their uncle is S.Z. Sakall, who manages their career from childhood.

After an important audition for Oscar Hammerstein, the Dolly girls become international stage headliners, but they find that there is a price to be paid: their private life is strained. Jennie is beset by the dilemma of devoting herself to a career while finding time to romance handsome composer John Payne.

The Dolly girls are separated, when Rosie is fatally injured in an auto accident, but Jennie finds happiness with her composer.

The Technicolor film was a huge hit in 1945.

Directed by Irving Cummings

Written by John Larkin and Marian Spitzer

DVD: June 13, 2006


Oscar Nominaions: 1

Song, I Can’t Begin to Tell You, music by james Monaco, lyrics by Mac Brown

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Song Oscar was On The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, from the musical The Harvey Girls