Docks of New York (1928): Von Sternberg’s Impressive Silent Film

In Josef von Sternberg’s impressive silent film, Docks of New York, written by Jules Furthman, George Bancroft, a  burly ship stoker, marries a woman and then fall in love with a woman he has saved from attempted suicide.

Gaylord Carter’s organ score contributes to the film’s impact.


Olga Baclanova…. Lou

George Bancroft (I)…. Bill Roberts

Betty Compson…. Sadie

Clyde Cook (I)…. “Sugar” Steve

May Foster…. Mrs. Crimp

Mitchell Lewis…. Third Engineer

Guy Oliver…. The Crimp

Lillian Worth…. Steve’s Girl

Gustav von Seyffertitz…. “Hymn Book” Harry


Black and White