Diving (Plonger) 2017: Melanie Laurent’s Tale of a Mother

Directed and co-written by Melanie Laurent, Diving centers on a couple, César and Paz, who are madly in love.

Paz, a Spanish photographer, is always looking for new experiences. But César, previously a war journalist, is looking for peace and quiet.

When Paz gets pregnant, the perspective of motherhood smothers her. Each day she becomes more distant, lost in a quest she can’t quite grasp herself.

One day, she suddenly leaves behind César and their baby with no explanation.

Written by Christophe Deslandes, Julien Lambroschini, Mélanie Laurent, Christophe Ono-dit-Biot.

Directed by Mélanie Laurent.


Gilles Lellouche, María Valverde, Ibrahim Ahmed.

The film is distributed in the U.S. by Gravitas Films.