Dersu Uzala (1975): Kurosawa’s Oscar Winner

Filmed in Russia, this japanese-Russian producion was directed by Akira Kurosawa and won the 1975 Best Foreign Language Oscar.

A tale of culture collision and male friendship, it centers on a simple but gentle gold-hunter who teaches a Russian explorer how to survive the brutal conditions of Siberia.

Alira Kurosawa, originally a painter, entered the film business at age 26 to support his parents after both his brothers died. He is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest directors of our age. His films include Rashomon 91950), Ikiru (1952), Seven Samurai (1954), Throne of Blood (1957), and Ran (1985).

He had been nominated for the Oscar several times and his film Rashomon won the 1950 Best Foreign Language Oscar.

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“Rashomon” won a 1951 Honorary Oscar as an Outstanding Foriegn Language Film, a few years before a distinct, competitive category of foreign language films was established.