Deadly Currents: Simcha Jacobovici on Israel-Palestine Conflict

In Deadly Currents, Simcha Jacobovici ambitiously set out to make a film that explores the complexities of the 4,000 year old conflict between Israel and Palestine.

After shooting 100 hours of film, he began the editing job, a process that that lasted 18 months, but he came up with a film that does not attempt to take sides but to present an open a dialogue.

Jacobovici got the idea to do this film after seeing a photograph that seemed to caricature the people involved. He decided to put real voices to the caricatures he saw in grainy photographs by interviewing some of the most dangerous players in the long-embattled Middle-East conflict.

The director also interviewed the people who were attempting to build bridges between the warring sides. Jacobovici didn’t want to make a film that would only touch those involved or related to the conflict, but instead wanted his docu to resonate in remote places like Belfast and L.A.

This aptly titled documentary seems particularly interesting because of the dangerous places it takes its audience, the physical danger of violence and the emotional danger of taking sides.