Dawn Patrol (1930): Hawks’ WWI Flying Drama, Starring Richard Barthelmes and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Howard Hawks’ WWI drama, Dawn Patrol, stars Richard Barthelmes and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as flying aces.

Hawks, a former WWI flight instructor, flew in the film as a German pilot in an uncredited role.

The two aces of the squadron’s “A Flight”, Courtney (Barthelmess) and Scott (Fairbanks, Jr.), clash with commanding officer Brand (Neil Hamilton), blaming him for sending new recruits into combat in inferior aircrafts.

The pilots of the RFC squadron deal with the stress of combat through heavy drinking and partying.

The 1938 remake, renamed Flight Commander, with Errol Flynn, which uses the same footage, is more lavishly produced and more entertaining.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Original Story: John Monk Saunders

Oscar Awards: 1

Original Story