Cuban Love Song, The (1931): Van Dyke’s Pre-Code Musical, Starring Mexican Spitfire Lupe Velez and Lawrence Tibbett

W. S. Van Dyke directed The Cuban Love Song, a pre-Code musical film written by C. Gardner Sullivan, Bess Meredyth, John Lynch, John Colton, Gilbert Emery, Robert E. Hopkins and Paul Hervey Fox.

The film stars Lawrence Tibbett, Lupe Vélez, Ernest Torrence, Jimmy Durante, Karen Morley and Louise Fazenda.

It was the last of four films that the baritone Tibbett made for MGM following the introduction of sound.

The film received favorable critical reception, but suffered at the box office. Nonetheless two of the film’s songs, “The Cuban Love Song” and “El Manisero,” were major hits.


Lawrence Tibbett as Terry
Lupe Vélez as Nenita
Ernest Torrence as Romance
Jimmy Durante as O.O. Jones
Karen Morley as Crystal
Louise Fazenda as Elvira
Hale Hamilton as John
Mathilde Comont as Aunt Rose


TCM showed the movie on April 27, 2020.