Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is released on Blu-ray Disc July 27, 2010.  The film is directed by acclaimed Oscar-winning filmmaker Ang Lee (Best Director, Brokeback Mountain) and vividly painted on film by Oscar-winning cinematographer Peter Pau (who won the Oscar for Best Cinematography for this film). 

Named “Best Picture of the Year” by more than 100 critics nationwide, the film is a heroic tale of true love which follows three elite warriors on their quest to recover a magical sword, ‘The Green Destiny.”  On this tumultuous quest they each overcome social obligation, prove their mastery of skill in breathtaking battles and uncover their intertwined fate.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon follows two master warriors (Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh) who are faced with their greatest challenge when the treasured Green Destiny sword is stolen by a young aristocrat (Zhang Ziyi).  As they try to retrieve the stolen sword, they come face-to-face with the inescapable, enduring power of love.  Set against 19th-century China’s breathtaking landscape, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is the action-packed, box office smash from acclaimed director Ang Lee (Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm) featuring stunning martial arts choreography by Yuen Wo Ping (The Matrix).

The Blu-ray Disc features two insightful commentaries with director Ang Lee, producer James Schamus and cinematographer Peter Pau who discuss the cinematic masterpiece.  Other special features include documentary “Unleashing the Dragon: The Making of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,” “A Conversation with Michelle Yeoh” (Yu Shu Lien in the film), and a photo gallery.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is also available on Blu-ray Disc as part of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon / Curse of the Golden Flower / House of Flying Daggers Blu-ray Trilogy.

Bonus Features Include:

* Two Commentaries
o Director Ang Lee and Producer James Schamus
o Cinematographer Peter Pau
* Unleashing the Dragon: The Making-of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
* A Conversation with Michelle Yeoh
* Photo Gallery
* BD-Live

The Blu-ray Disc version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is BD-Live enabled, allowing users to get connected and go beyond the discs via an Internet-connected Blu-ray player. The Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club rewards consumers in the U.S. for purchasing and registering BD-Live enabled Sony Blu-ray movies.