Crazed Fruit (aka Juvenile Jungle) (1956): Nakhira’s Youth Romantic Triangle (Two Brothers)

From the Archives:

Kō Nakahira directed Crazed Fruit (aka Juvenile Jungle), a Japanese Sun Tribe film that’s an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Shintaro Ishihara, the older brother of cast member Yujiro Ishihara.

Crazed Fruit

The tale concerns two brothers who fall in love with the same woman and the resulting conflict.

The film was controversial upon release because of its depiction of Japanese youth.

It was critically savaged for its “lurid” portrayal of the postwar sexual revolution among Japan’s young and privileged.

A younger generation of Japanese and foreign critics now regard Crazed Fruit as an anarchic outcry against tradition and the older generation.

Later on, it would become known as a foundational work of the Sun Tribe genre.

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Masahiko Tsugawa – Haruji
Yujiro Ishihara – Natsuhisa
Mie Kitahara – Eri
Harold Conway – Eri’s husband
Masumi Okada – Frank
Shintaro Ishihara – Ishihara


Director: Kô Nakahira
Producer: Takiko Mizunoe
Screenplay and original story: Shintaro Ishihara
Cinematography: Shigeyoshi Mine
Art director: Takashi Matsuyama
Music: Masaru Sato, Toru Takemitsu
Release date: July 12, 1956
Running time: 86 minutes


TCM showed the movie on October 26, 2021.