Crash Dive: Mayo’s Oscar Winning Actioner, Starring Tyrone Power Before Going to War

Archie Mayo’s Crash Dive marked Tyrone Power’s last screen appearance before going into service.

Set in the contested North Atlantic battlefield, the story centers on Power as a naval two-striper, a specialist in naval warfare both on and under the sea in PT boats and submarines.

Anne Baxter plays the girl in a love triangle with Power and sub captain Dana Andrews.  The romantic subplot is weak and boring, but the action sequences and Technicolor cinematography are good.  Multiple Oscar-nominee, Fred Sersen, an expert on ocean seas, received the award for Special Effects.

The secondary cast includes James Gleason, May Whitty, and Harry Morgan.

Oscar Nomination: 1

Special Effects:  Fred Sersen (image), Roger Heman (sound)

Oscar Awards: 1

Special Effects


Tyrone Power

Anne Baxter

Dana Andrews

James Gleason

Dame May Whitty

Henry Morgan

Ben Carter

Charles Tannen

Frank Conroy

Florence Lake

John Archer

George Holmes

Minor Watson

Kathleen Howard

David Bacon

Stanley Andrews

Paul Burns

Gene Rizzi



20th Century-Fox

Directed by Archie Mayo.

Screenplay by Jo Swerling.

Based on an original story by W.R. Burnett, based on a story by Horace McCoy.