Cossacks, The (1928): MGM Silent Film, Based on Tolstoy novel

George Hill and Clarence Brown directed The Cossacks, a silent drama, starring John Gilbert and Renée Adorée, and produced and distributed by MGM.

The film is based on the 1863 novel The Cossacks by Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy’s short novel (originally called Young Manhood) was published in the popular literary magazine “The Russian Messenger.”  Tolstoy began work on the story in 1853, and in 1857, after rereading the Iliad, he decided to completely rewrite it. In 1862, after having lost at cards he finished the novel to help pay his debts.

John Gilbert as Lukashka
Renée Adorée as Maryana
Ernest Torrence as Ivan
Nils Asther as Prince Olenin Stieshneff
Paul Hurst as Sitchi
Dale Fuller as Ulitka, Maryana’s mother
Josephine Borio as Stepka
Yorke Sherwood as Uncle Eroshka

The Cossacks (Russian: Казаки [Kazaki]) is a short novel by Leo