Corsage: Marie Kreutzer’s Tale of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Starring Vicky (Phantom Thread) Krieps (Cannes 2022; NYFF 2022)


Marie Kreutzer, 2022

U.S. Premiere

In a perceptive, nuanced performance, Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread) dominates the screen as Empress Elizabeth of Austria, who begins to see her life of royal privilege as a prison as she reaches her 40th birthday.

Marie Kreutzer boldly imagines Elizabeth’s cloistered, late-19th-century world within the Austro-Hungarian Empire with both austere realism and fanciful anachronism.

However, throughout she stays true and intensely close to the woman’s private melancholy and political struggle amidst a crumbling, combative marriage and escalating scrutiny.

Star and director have created a remarkable vision of a strong-willed political figure whose emergence from a veiled, corseted existence stands for a Europe on the cusp of major irrevocable transformation.

An IFC Films release.

Austria, France, Germany 113m

German, French, English, Hungarian with English subtitles