Coronavirus Chronicles: Stephen Colbert Talks Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis With CBS Medical Chief

Trump’s “Truly Troubling” COVID-19 Diagnosis

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With mild symptoms and mostly for precautionary reasons, Trump was transferred to a military hospital on Friday afternoon where he will continue to carry out his duties while receiving medical care.

“We don’t know what a low-grade fever is exactly,” said LaPook, referring to one of Trump’s symptoms. He said that the danger is shortness of breath, but that he did not think Trump was experiencing that according to the latest video posted to his social media.

“He is obese technically by the numbers we have,” said LaPook, adding that the odds are statistically that he should get better.  He then emphasized, “One thing that’s predictable about the coronavirus is that it’s unpredictable.”

Considering the experiential antibody treatment that Trump is receiving, LaPook explained that not enough is known about his condition to fully know the risk-benefit condition, yet.

Addressing how information about the coronavirus has been distributed and digested by the American public, LaPook noted that one of the very first rules of public health crisis management is to “tell the truth,” stressing that information on the coronavirus must be shared honestly in order for the general public to understand the risks involved. “You gotta just tell it like it is.”

Colbert asked about whether Trump should be at the next debate — which is less than two weeks away — since his diagnosis was on Thursday. LaPook noted that Trump should continue to isolate for a period of about ten days, while the people who are with him should be “geared up” in goggles, masks, gowns and gloves when they are both indoors and outdoors around the facility.

“Do you think Biden was in any danger?” asked Colbert. “I am concerned about that,” answered LaPook. He mentioned the potential for aerosol spreading, which can worsen with loud speaking, of which he noted there was a lot of at the debate.

Colbert mentioned during his monologue that Trump choosing not to wear his mask on many occasions was “irresponsible,” while he commented that he and the First Lady “have to keep themselves healthy” while they are running the country.

The late-night host took a brief moment to make a quick joke about how he is, himself, unable to work when feeling unwell.