Cool Ones, The (1967): Musical Comedy Starring Roddy McDowall

Amateurishly directed by Gene Nelson, The Cool Ones (aka “Cool, Baby Cool”) stars Roddy McDowall in one of his weakest and blandest features.

He plays Tony Krum, a millionaire rock promoter who joins a pop singer and a dancer as publicity stunt for a new TV series.

The 1960s singer Mrs. Miller performs, and the film features performances by famous bands, the Leaves and the Bantams, as well as brief appearance by Glen Campbell, as a fictional singer named Patrick.


Roddy McDowell as Tony Krum
Debbie Watson as Hallie Rodgers
Gil Peterson as Cliff Donner
Phil Harris as Fred MacElewine
Robert Coote as Herbert Krum
Nita Talbot as Deedee Howitzer
George Furth as Howie
Glen Campbell as Patrick
James Millhollin as Manager


Directed by Gene Nelson
Produced by William Conrad
Written by Joyce Geller and Robert Kaufman
Music by Ernie Freeman
Cinematography: Floyd Crosby
Edited by James T. Heckert
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date: April 12, 1967
Running time: 95 minutes


TCM showed this feature on March 10, 2020.