Convicted (1950): Henry Levin’s Prison Drama, Starring Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford

Henry Levin directed Convicted, a crime prison drama, starring Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford.

It was the third Columbia Pictures adaptation of Martin Flavin’s 1929 stage play The Criminal Code, after Howard Hawks’s The Criminal Code (1931) and John Brahm’s Penitentiary (1938).

This prison drama is the story of Joe Hufford (Glenn Ford), a man convicted of manslaughter. George Knowland (Broderick Crawford) is the warden who understands Hufford, helps him adjust to prison life and recognize he has a future after release.

Hufford witnesses the murder of an informer by another convict, Malloby (Millard Mitchell), but he sticks to the prison’s “silent code” and refuses to talk, even though it means he will be accused of the killing. He is locked in solitary confinement.

In the end, the real murderer confesses and Hufford escapes the electric chair.

He obtains his release and, having fallen in love with the warden’s daughter (Dorothy Malone), pursues a relationship with her.

Glenn Ford as Joe Hufford
Broderick Crawford as George Knowland
Millard Mitchell as Malloby
Dorothy Malone as Kay Knowland
Carl Benton Reid as Captain Douglas
Frank Faylen as Convict Ponti
Will Geer as Convict Mapes
Martha Stewart as Bertie Williams
Henry O’Neill as Detective Dorn
Douglas Kennedy as Det. Bailey
Roland Winters as Vernon Bradley, Attorney
Ed Begley as Mackay – Head of Parole Board
Ray Teal as Cell Block / Yard Guard (uncredited)


Directed by Henry Levin
Screenplay by William Bowers, Fred Niblo, Jr., Seton I. Miller
Based on The Criminal Code 1929 play by Martin Flavin
Produced by Jerry Bresler
Cinematography Burnett Guffey
Edited by Al Clark
Music by George Duning
Color process Black and white
Production and distribution company: Columbia Pictures
Release date: August 1950
Running time 91 minutes


TCM showed the movie on Feb 3, 2022.