Coming Out: Alden Peters Personal Docu (LGBTQ, Gay)

In his directorial debut, Coming Out, NYC-based filmmaker Alden Peters documents his own coming-out experience, capturing on-camera his disclosures to friends, family, and society.
Inspired by social media coming out videos by teens around the world, Coming Out show inside the raw, intimate moments when Alden reveals his true identity to his family and friends, ranging from the painfully awkward to the hilariously honest.
Crowdsourced videos from LGBTQ youth from around the world complement Alden’s own story.  He also interviews his own family, friends, and leading LGBT figures and experts, including Janet Mock, about the challenges of coming out in today’s digital era.
Alden says: “When I was a questioning teenager, and later when I made the decision to come out of the closet, I searched for a film that showed the process of coming out. I found nothing but fiction films and YouTube videos, and nobody discussed what happened immediately after coming out. I wanted to see that entire process and hear the uncertainties along the way. Over five years later, Coming Out is the film that I craved.”
Coming Out tries to make the personal both a cultural event and a political celebration.
Running time: 72 Minutes
Produced and Directed by: Alden Peters
Alden Peters, Janet Mock, developmental psychologist Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams, journalist Zach Stafford, sociologist Greg Hinckley, and YouTuber Kayla Kearney
Distributed by: Wolfe Video