Comes a Horseman (1978): Jane Fonda and Jason Robards

In the western Comes a Horseman, the leads are played by Jason Robards and Jane Fonda, but it’s Richard Farnsworth who steals the show in an Oscar-nominated role.

In this tale, directed by Alan Pakula (who led Fonda to an Oscar-winning performance in “Klute”), Robards plays Ewing, the owner of a ranch right next to the ranch of Ella (Fonda).  Ewing wants to grab most of the land around, including Ella’s ranch.

As a younger woman, Ella slept with Ewing, which she now considers a mistake.

Then, oil companies begin pressuring both of them to allow drilling on their land, but Ewing won’t allow it.  Soon, war-vet Frank (James Caan) enters Ella’s life and helps her fight to save her land, with help from Dodger (Richard Farnsworth), an old experienced man.


Running time: 119 Minutes.

Directed by Alan J. Pakula

Screenplay by Dennis Lynton Clark

October 25, 1978

DVD: Sep 4, 2001