Come Next Spring (1956): Sentimental Family Drama, Starring Ann Sheridan and Steve Cochran

R. G. Springsteen  directed Come Next Spring, a family drama, starring Ann Sheridan and Steve Cochran, shot in technicolor on Sacramento locations.

Come Next Spring
Come Next Spring FilmPoster.jpeg

Steve Cochran formed his own company, Robert Alexander Productions, and Come Next Spring was his first film.

The tale was written by Cochran’s friend Montgomery Pittman, and features Pittman’s stepdaughter Sherry Jackson.

Alcoholic Matt Ballot (Steve Cochran) abandoned his wife Bess (Ann Sheridan), and mute daughter, Annie (Sherry Jackson), in Arkansas nine years ago.

Now sober, he returns to discover Bess gave birth to a son, Abe (Richard Eyer), after he had left. Bess grudgingly hires him as a handyman.

Hytower (Sonny Tufts) wants to marry Bess, and tries to make Matt jealous.  But Matt endears himself to his kids by defending them from wild pigs and local bullies.

In the film’s confessional scene, Matt risks Annie’s love by admitting that she was in the car when he drunkenly wrecked it. Although she was unhurt, she never spoke again. Annie embraces him. Matt later saves a child and Annie during an approaching tornado.

Bess is upset when Matt has a single drink at a dance to prove he can stop at just one drink. Matt rescues her when, overcome by emotion, she accidentally drives her truck into a river. Annie falls into an old mine shaft, but Matt rescues her. Bess finally admits she is back in love with Matt.

The theme song “Come Next Spring” was written by Lenny Adelson and performed by Tony Bennett. It was later covered by Scott Walker on his 1968 album Scott 2. Much of Max Steiner’s score was reused from Sergeant York.

Republic promised Cochran a major release, but then placed it as the lower half of a double feature.

Ann Sheridan as Bess Ballot
Steve Cochran as Matt Ballot
Walter Brennan as Jeffrey Storys
Sherry Jackson as Annie Ballot
Richard Eyer as Abraham Ballot
Edgar Buchanan as Mr. Canary
Sonny Tufts as Leroy Hytower
Harry Shannon as Mr. Totter
James Westmoreland as Bob Storys (as Rad Fulton)
Mae Clarke as Myrtle
Roscoe Ates as Shorty Wilkins
Wade Rudy as Delbert Meaner
James Best as Bill Jackson


Directed by R. G. Springsteen
Written by Montgomery Pittman
Music by Max Steiner
Cinematography Jack A. Marta
Edited by Tony Matinelli

Production and distribution company: Republic Pictures

Release date: March 9, 1956

Running time: 92 minutes


TCM showed the movie on November 12, 2020.