City Slickers (1991): Mildly Amusing Comedy, Starring Jack Palance in Oscar-Winning Performance

Columbia (Castle Rock)

A sharply uneven movie, Ron Underwood’s “City Slickers” begins as a mildly amusing comedy before turning into a more serio TV-like tale about mid-life crisis and the importance of male bonding.
The premise of the fish-out-of-water is not fresh but still amusing. Three urban yuppies (played by Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, and Bruno Kirby), all experiencing male menopause in one way or another, embark on a cattle drive in the wild country.
Jack Palance plays the tough, rough, and cynical trail boss, who turn the spoiled boys into real men. Unfortunately, he dies in the middle of the drive, and his presence is very much missed. In fact, the movie never recovers from that event.
There are some sporadic jokes and funny one-liners throughout the story, and the actors are amiable enough, resulting in a so-so movie.
The commercial popularity of the movie led to a very bad sequel.
Oscar Nominations: 1
Supporting Actor: Jack Palance
Oscar Awards: 1
Supporting Actor
Oscar Context
Jack Palance won the Oscar at his third nomination.