Choirboys, The (1977): Aldrich’s Serio-Comedy about Los Angeles Cops

One of Robert Aldrich’s weakest films, The Choirboys is a serio-comedy about a bunch of Los Angeles policemen, starring Charles Durning, Louis Gossett Jr., Randy Quaid, and James Woods.

It was written by Christopher Knopf and Joseph Wambaugh based on 1975 novel of by the latter, who disowned the movie, claiming that it was fake and terrible.

Released by Universal Pictures on December 23, 1977, the picture was an artistic and commercial flop.

To unwind from the pressures of their jobs, some Los Angeles police officers often opt for drunken get-togethers (a.k.a. “choir practice”) at MacArthur Park

They include a wide variety of cops, young officers, a bigoted one, and a Vietnam vet with panic disorder.

Charles Durning as Spermwhale Whalen
Louis Gossett Jr. as Calvin Motts
Perry King as Baxter Slate
Clyde Kusatsu as Francis Tanaguchi
Stephen Macht as Spencer Van Moot
Tim McIntire as Roscoe Rules
Randy Quaid as Dean Proust
Chuck Sacci as ‘Father’ Sartino
Don Stroud as Sam Lyles
James Woods as Harold Bloomguard
Burt Young as Sgt. Scuzzi
Robert Webber as Deputy Chief Riggs