Captain Caution (1940): Hal Roach’s Oscar Nominated Swashbuckler

Set during the war of 1812, Hal Roach’s  swashbuckler “Captain Caution” centers on a woman named Corunna (played by Louise Platt), who’s the daughter of Captain Dorman (Robert Barrat), skipper of the American vessel The Olive Branch.

When Dorman is killed in battle, Corunna assumes command of the ship, with the help of muscular first mate Dan Marvin (Victor Mature). While trying to bring a cargo to America, the Olive Branch is captured by the British, but Corunna and Marvin manage to carry on their mission.   Another obstacle is represented by Slade (Bruce Cabot), whose goal is to get the girl and the ship.

Directed by Richard Wallace, the film is based on a novel by Kenneth Roberts.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Sound Recording

Oscar awards: None

Oscar Context

The winner was Douglas Shearer (actress Norma Shearer’s brother) for the musical “Strike Up the Band.”