Captain America: Winter Soldier–Marvel Is Marvelous Box-Office

Disney-Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” grossd on Friday alone 37 million, thus obliterating its competition and setting April domestic daily records.

The sequel is set to also break the weekend record for the highest-grossing April Stateside opening with $95 to upwards of $100 million this weekend.

This could put the superhero picture almost $14 million above the previous April record of $86.2 million set by Universal’s “Fast Five” in 2011. “Fast Five” also held the April day record of $34 million.

“Winter Soldier,” which earned a whopping $10.2 million from Thursday night shows, is also on track to top the original “Captain America,” which launched to $65 million three years ago.

“The First Avenger” ultimately earned almost $371 million worldwide (about $177 million Stateside).

“Winter Soldier” could become the most successful Marvel film after the “Iron Man” franchise and “The Avengers.”  So far, every Marvel sequel has skyrocketed past its predecessor. “Iron Man 3” grossed 95% more than “Iron Man 2” and “Thor: The Dark World” made 40% more than the original.

The Avengers

Since the first “Captain America” movie, Marvel pictures have benefited from “The Avengers” halo effect. The film, which opened to $207 million (the highest domestic opening of all time) and went on to earn $1.5 billion worldwide ($623 million Stateside), has elevated its predecessors, including “Iron Man 3.”

“Winter Soldier” also looks to edge past Marvel’s last release, “Thor: The Dark World,” which grossed almost $86 million in its first weekend. “Thor: Dark World” made $645 million worldwide (more than $206 million Stateside).

Directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, “Captain Ameria: Winter Soldier,” which reportedly cost $170 million to produce, stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson. The movie is playing in 3,938 U.S. locations and will be shown in 3D at most theaters.

The sequel grossed over $75 million in 32 markets last weekend and expanded to Russia, Australia and China this weekend. The film also bowed at 668 Imax screens globally, a day-and-date record for the company.