Cannes Film Fest 1947: Year 2–Disney’s Dumbo Wins Major Award; American Film Noir Rules (Crossfire, Possessed, Strange Love of Martha Iver)


My Life as Film Juror:

Representing the contingency of U.S. critics, I have been asked to serve on the jury of the 75th milestone edition of the Cannes Film Fest, May 17-28.

This would be my fifth service on the jury (Fipresci) of this prestigious venue; I had also served on the juries of its 40th, 50th, 60th, and 70th anniversaries.

Fall Festival

The second Cannes Film Fest was again held in the fall, between September 12-25, 1947.

Fest Jury: All French (Men)

Georges Huisman (historian) (president)

Raymond Borderie (CNC official)

Georges Carriere (cinephile)

Chosson (CNC official)

Joseph Dotti (cinephile)

Escoute Cannes city official)

Jean Grémillon

Maurice Hille (cinephile)

Robert Hubert

Alexandre Kamenka

Jean Mineur (CNCF official)

Henri Moret (cinephile)

Jean Nery (critic)

Maurice Perisset (cinephile)

Georges Raguis (union official)

Rene-Jeanne (critic)

Georges Rollin

Régis Roubin (cinephile)

Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon

Segalon (cinephile)

René Sylviano

Films in Competition

The competition was dominated by Hollywood films, which constituted one third of the main lineup, and went on to win the top awards.

Antoine et Antoinette, directed by Jacques Becker

Boomerang! directed by Elia Kazan

Crossfire, directed by Edward Dmytryk (soon to be blacklisted as one of Hollywood Ten).

(Crossfire was nominated the for Best Picture Oscar; the winner was Kazan’s Gentleman’s Agreement.

Dumbo, directed by Walt Disney, Ben Sharpsteen

Il delitto di Giovanni Episcopo directed by Alberto Lattuada

Ivy, directed by Sam Wood

La copla de la Dolores directed by Benito Perojo

La figlia del capitano directed by Mario Camerini

La gata directed by Mario Soffici

Les Amants du pont Saint-Jean, directed by Henri Decoin

Les jeux sont faits directed by Jean Delannoy

Les Maudits directed by René Clement

Marouf Savetier du Caire directed by Jean Mauran

Mine Own Executioner directed by Anthony Kimmins

Paris 1900 directed by Nicole Vedres

Possessed directed by Curtis Bernhardt

(Film noir, starring Joan Crawford in her third and last Best Actress Oscar nomination)

Skeep till India land, directed by Ingmar Bergman

Sperduti nel buio directed by Camillo Mastrocinque

A Tanítónő directed by Márton Keleti

The Chase, directed by Arthur Ripley

The Jolson Story directed by Alfred E. Green

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers directed by Lewis Milestone

(Film Noir)

Två kvinnor directed by Arnold Sjostrand

Ziegfeld Follies directed by Vincente Minnelli


In the second edition, awards were divided by genre.  Thus Minnelli’s Ziegfeld Follies (a rather mediocre compilation of song and dance) won for Best Musical Comedy.

Dmytryk’s Oscar nominated message noir (about anti-Semitism) Crossfire received the Best Social Film Aawrd.

Best Musical Comedy: Ziegfeld Follies

Best Psychological and Love Film: Antoine et Antoinette

Best Animation Design: Dumbo

Best Social Film: Crossfire

Best Adventure and Crime Film: Les Maudits

Best Short Film: Inondations en Pologne