Cannes Film Fest 2022: Title of Opening Night Changes from Z to Coupe

Cannes Fest Opener ‘Z’ Changes Name in France Due to Associations with Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

The decision to rename the zombie-comedy to ‘Coupe’ comes after a letter of complaint from the Ukrainian Institute.


Michel Hazanavicius zombie comedy Z (Comme Z) has been renamed Coupe in France following a letter sent to the director and festival by the Ukrainian Institute. The organization had noted that “Z” has become a symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, used by supporters of the Kremlin and in pro-Russian demonstrations.

Hazanavicius announced the change in a statement Monday, saying that he decided on it after the “symbolic charge the letter has gained” since he made the film.

“The title was perhaps funny when we completed the film several months ago, but it isn’t anymore and I can’t take it,” he wrote. “My film is made to bring joy and under no circumstances would I want it to be associated directly or indirectly with this war. I am therefore very happy to change its title, and to this extent to mark my most total support for the Ukrainian people. I take this opportunity to thank all the production, distribution, promotion and exhibition teams who made this decision possible.”

The title of Coupe remains Final Cut.

The movie also stars Matilda Lutz, Bérénice Béjo and Romain Duris.

Coupe will open the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival on May 17