Call Me By Your Name: Famous Peach Scene

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME evokes vividly one particular Italian summer filled with bike rides, midnight swims, music and art, luscious meals under the sun, and the heady awakening of a 17-year old-boy’s first passion. When Elio (Timothée Chalamet) falls for Oliver (Armie Hammer), the charismatic grad student staying at his parents’ villa in northern Italy, it sets in motion an experience that will linger with both of them forever.

“I don’t want CALL ME BY YOUR NAME to be perceived as a hyper-intellectualized opus,” says director Luca Guadagnino, “but as a tender love story that affects an audience in an uplifting way. I want it to be like a box of chocolates.”

Famous Peach Scene
The famous peach scene from the book shows how eroticism is utilized in the film to illuminate the inner lives of the characters. “What’s going on with Elio in that scene is a combination of that longing for Oliver and also the relatable phenomena of not knowing where to place your overabundant sexual energy when you’re 16, 17, 18,” says Chalamet. “But when Oliver arrives, the weight of him leaving for what could be forever is hitting Elio for the first time, in addition to the shame and embarrassment of being caught in this almost feral act. I think the combination of those sensations proves to be tremendously overwhelming.”

Elio’s conflicted emotions leads to conflict between the two of them when Oliver playfully tries to eat the peach. “When Elio’s character becomes emotional, that’s the moment Oliver realizes a line has been crossed that he didn’t realize was there,” says Hammer. “Now, instead of being domineering, now is the time for him to slow down. This isn’t just about me, this has to be good for both of us, and it becomes a really sweet tender moment where they both end up on the same exact page.”