Call for Help: Socially Relevant Docu about 2010 Earthquake in Haiti

Lior Etziony and Michal Hanuka’s socially relevant documentary offers a rare look into the operations of a guerrilla-style NGO, the Global Disaster Immediate Response Team (Global D.I.R.T.), in the aftermath of a deadly disaster, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.


Without much funding, this group of young individuals resorts to a radical method to deliver relief, in which the end justifies the means.  Their ‘snatch and grab’ approach fits in the chaos of post-earthquake Haiti.

What started out as a group of self-proclaimed troublemakers quickly turns into key players in the rescue and rebuilding of Haiti, saving numerous lives, earning respect from the locals and gaining recognition from organizations operating on the island. 


Neither a story about Haiti, nor a story about the work being done in Haiti, Call for Help is a story about the people who do the work and the reasons, conflicts, failures and dreams that brought and kept them there.