Bullitt (1968): Steve McQueen as Fashion Icon

Steve McQueen: Fashion Icon
Several items of clothing worn by Steve McQueen received a boost in offscreen popularity after the release of the film: desert boots, a trench coat, a blue turtleneck sweater, and a brown tweed jacket with elbow patches.
Bullitt’s stylish “casual” attire of a turtleneck worn with a sport coat, slacks, and suede-like shoes.
Since the major portion of the story in the film takes place over a Saturday and Sunday, this was actually in keeping with some police departments’ traditions of a more relaxed dress code on weekends for plainclothes officers.
Bullitt is first seen at work when meeting Chalmers on a Friday morning, wearing a traditionally conservative navy suit under his trench coat, with a white shirt, dark tie and dress shoes. These clothes were actually supplied by a menswear shoppe in London, England, Dougie Heywood’s, Peter Yates’ tailors.
The holster worn by McQueen was later put into production by Safariland leather company and is still in the line. It is known as the Klipspringer Shoulder holster.